The Altius Business Consulting Approach

The Altius Business Consulting Approach

By Stefan Filip, Business Consultant

As a Business Consultant and technology enthusiast, I’d been looking to move firmly into the technology arena for some time. Altius was on my radar for its undisputed and unsurpassed technical expertise, and I was delighted to recently secure a role in the Business Consultancy team.

As with all new ventures, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. We’re an ambitious, growing team with plenty of sizeable projects in the pipeline. Projects a Business Consultant can get really excited about. Projects with multiple dependencies and challenges, where we can add real value.

The evolution of Altius

Some people are surprised by Altius’s business focused approach, since it’s not where we started out. At the company’s conception in 1993, it was a niche consultancy delivering stand-alone data platforms and performance management solutions. New ownership at the end of 2012 has transformed the business into what it is today, evolving to become a full service provider delivering a range of cloud-based technical solutions and a complete end-to-end product and support service.

As a result, the company has gone from strength to strength. Its turnover has grown an average of 40% year-on-year, and a staggering 72% in 2018. With ambitious plans to double its turnover again by 2022, it’s safe to say, we are no longer a small, niche tech company.

Critical to Altius’s evolution has been the development of traditional support services. Its Directors have always recognised that key to the success of its technical solutions is the provision of professional supporting services and capabilities – from pre-delivery technical visions and roadmaps to post-delivery managed service offerings.

The introduction of a formal business consulting capability to support this end-to-end delivery lifecycle was a natural progression. The projects we deploy are often extremely complex, involve multiple dependencies and inevitably many challenges, as well as exciting opportunities. Across the team we’re currently involved in projects for private sector organisations as well as a number of public sector organisations and government departments.

Introducing the Business Consultancy team

The Business Consultants in the team are from a diverse range of consultancy backgrounds. What struck me from day one, is that no one is one dimensional in this company. I’m here working with some of the smartest people in the industry. Smart people with extensive experience of delivering business driven and focused solutions. In fact, it’s fair to say, our Client Directors and technical teams have more business knowledge than consulting firms that I’ve worked with in the past.

Altius’s Business Consultancy Services

As a Business Consultancy team, our job is to make sense of the complexities that reign across pretty much every project and client organisation, and to facilitate a seamless deployment. Let’s take a look at what our role involves and how we can add value to a project: 

  • Facilitation – We bridge what is often quite an extensive gap between business and technical teams. Our involvement in the design and facilitation of workshops throughout a project ensures the active engagement of all appropriate audiences. Our involvement also ensures Altius’s technical team is constantly aligned to the client’s vision.
  • Communication – We work with stakeholders across all levels to deliver clear, concise presentations and create readable documentation and support material that effectively conveys the project’s ideas, concepts and messages.
  • Engagement – Engaging in conversations and overseeing the bigger picture, we aim to understand business critical interdependencies, anticipate challenges, suggest resolutions and recognise opportunities. This helps us to obtain mutual agreement from all stakeholders for the development of realistic requirements and solutions.
  • Delivery – Our job is to facilitate the smooth running of each project by foreseeing challenges and coming up with solutions based on our business experience and expertise including our understanding of business constraints, such as data protection principles, combined with our technical knowledge.
  • Operational – To maximise the potential value of data exploitation and business insight, we will also get involved in assessing existing business operating models and recommending and designing new ones.

On a personal note

My own interest in data has been ever present – from chemistry graduate, through junior consultant drawn to data visualization, and now fully-fledged business consultant focused on exploiting data in business operations.

For me, job satisfaction comes from understanding how different tools and components can work together, and designing and adapting solutions to business problems or processes, or working out how a business might adapt processes to utilise new technologies.  I love working closely with clients and stakeholders to solve complex problems and to deliver real value and results – day-in, day-out.

As Altius continues to grow in stature, standing and size, so too will our Business Consultancy services and our team. There are exciting times ahead. And I’m glad to be part of it.

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