Empowering Career Development at Altius

Empowering Career Development at Altius

By Jose Martin Quesada, Director

At Altius, we make no bones about the fact that we are a company with big ambitions. We set out with a vision – to set new standards in the tech industry; to continuously exceed customer expectations; and to outperform our competition. Today we are a team of 350 people and counting, and we recognise that to sustain our achievements we need to embed a culture that empowers continuous personal and career development for each and every individual – from junior consultants through to directors.

The Altius framework

As such, in 2019 we launched a new people framework across the organisation. Its goal is to cultivate a culture that helps us recruit, nurture, develop and retain skills and talent in line with our company’s core values. The new people development framework is a carefully constructed matrix of skills and attributes for each role in the organisation. It’s designed to provide structured career conversations between managers and individuals, as well as visibility over one’s current strengths and skill gaps in order to accelerate careers, build and promote ownership for personal and professional development, and create a fair and transparent environment.

Driven by values

Altius has always taken great pride in its open and autonomous culture. We encourage the ability to share knowledge, inspire, direct and teach others. These values permeate our company culture and are successfully extended into our client relationships. Our new people framework is constructed around the company’s core values – Innovation, Client First, Delivery Excellence, One Team and Investors in People.

Working in accordance with our values requires coherence from the moment we hire an individual, through to personal development and career progression. With clarity around what skills and attributes are required within the company, we hope to attract the right new recruits. And with specific competencies agreed for roles and promotions, we hope to create a predictable, fair and empowering career development path for all at Altius. We also hope to develop a dynamic team that is primed and ready to lead us forward in this fast changing technological space.

Structure and strategy

Our personal development framework is robust and structured – designed specifically to bridge the gap between performance and potential. We want to give people a firm idea of what’s expected in their role, and to encourage healthy behaviours. As such, we focus more on positivity and strengths, not weaknesses. We want to embed a culture of trust, of mentoring and mature conversations about professional development and personal growth. The framework includes tactical measures, strategy and coaching to help every individual develop skills and behavioural capabilities, as well as overcome personal obstacles.

Keen to join us?

We’re excited about our individual futures and the future of the company we are building. If you’re interested in a career at Altius, then visit our Careers page, where you can view more reasons to join our growing team and the types of roles that we’re currently recruiting for.