Data Science for Business Leaders

The Course

How do you unlock the value in your organisation’s data?

Data is everywhere, and the ability to unlock its value is what differentiates successful businesses from mediocre ones.

Therefore, it’s key for today’s business leaders to understand the opportunity that data science provides, have sufficient knowledge to manage data science teams and use data insights appropriately.

But where do you start?

Data Science for Business Leaders is a course that provides business leaders with an introduction to data science. Starting with describing what data science is, the course will guide the business leader’s thought process of describing how data scientists work, the algorithms they use and the approaches they follow. The course will also discuss how to structure data science teams and the governance processes that should be followed.

At the end of the course, you will be able to discuss the following topics with peers and stakeholders:

What is data science?

How is data science ‘done’?:

  • Scientific methods (e.g. supervised vs unsupervised vs reinforcement learning)
  • Sample methodologies: Overview of the most common techniques
  • Ways of working: How to effectively use Agile with a data science team
  • Common pitfalls when developing a data science solution

Implementing data science in your organisation:

  • Organisational approach to a successful data science capability
  • Governance processes for risk mitigation
  • Development and application of data science
  • Common pitfalls when starting a data science team

Value and risk of data science for your organisation:

  • Upside potential in your organisation
  • Common risks

Use cases: a collection of practical use cases for you industry, with examples for each

Additional details

Who is it for?

The course is for business leaders including executives, strategists and innovators from across the organisation who want to discover how to drive competitive advantage through data science. No previous technical knowledge or data science skills are required. However, those with technical knowledge can still benefit from the material.

Course Structure

A typical data science discovery course will take you on a journey to becoming a data-driven organisation. We will lead you on a comprehensive fact-finding mission to uncover:

  • What is data science?
  • What are the common approaches that can be used by data scientists – from Linear Regression to Deep Learning
  • How can your business benefit from using data? Including example use cases from across industries
  • How do you start and organise your team within the business?
  • How should you govern the use of data science, what are the risks and how to avoid them?
  • How does a data scientist approach a project?
  • What you need to extract value from your data:
    • Sourcing valuable data: internally or through third parties
    • Hardware – data platforms and processing units and the importance of selecting the right infrastructure for the right problem
    • Tools – most commonly used languages, ML libraries, version control, and other software
    • Development to Deployment – what to consider when industrialising developed solution: real-time versus batch execution, monitoring and maitenance, standards architectures
    • Governance  – trust, security, and stewardship
    • People – roles and responsibilities
  • Life of a project demonstrations: from data preparation to taking algorithms live
    • Customer segmentation
    • Association Mining
    • Classification
    • Building a neural network live (TensorFlow)
  • Use case examples relevant to your industry

During the course we will have multiple breakout sessions in small teams where we will come up with a business question which could be solved with data science. We will work together to determine what a project would look like and how you could start to answer the question.

Who are we?

Altius has been working at the forefront of data science and advanced analytics for over 17 years. Our extensive experience spans the retail, finance and insurance, public sector, leisure and hospitality, industrials, and travel and transport industries, which means we can bring real life examples and use cases to life in your course.

Let us share our industry knowledge, experience and insights with your executives to set you on the path to unlocking the value in your organisation’s data.

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