Our experience

Advanced technical skills combined with deep industry experience across a broad range of industry sectors.


Increased competition, prevalent credit card usage, the upsurge in loyalty cards, and the addition of the Internet as an alternative sales channel – these are just some of the reasons retail clients turn to Altius to help them understand and manage their business critical data. The solutions we have developed within this sector have helped clients with merchandise intelligence (planning, price, promotion), customer intelligence, operational intelligence and competitor intelligence.

Benefits delivered include:
  • Stock/inventory optimisation – Monitoring of merchandising levels minimises stock-outs, enables seasonality forecasting and improved cost control.
  • Loyalty and promotional marketing – Real time, event driven loyalty and promotional marketing to drive incremental revenue and loyalty.
  • Customer profiling – Better determine and understand customer needs, values and behaviours through the ability to blend and analyse all customer, social, demographic and transactional data.
  • Epos analytics – Scalable solutions for analysing EPOS data to support basket analysis and customer segementation.
  • Basket prediction – Advanced product recommendation solutions for online shopping basket prediction in supermarkets and real time product recommendations.
  • Labour schedule optimisation – Manage and align labour resources more effectively with customer/operational demand – ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time.
  • Assortment optimisation – Improved response to shifting consumer behaviour through better use of customer insight and purchasing trends for assortment planning and optimisation.
  • Revenue management and price optimisation – Improved use of store and customer data enables dynamic and responsive pricing.
  • HR analytics – Out of the box HR Analysis and reporting solutions with integrated data science models provide an advanced analytics framework for understanding, modelling and predicting employee behaviour in larger organisations.

Finance & Insurance

The finance and insurance sector is under constant pressure to meet regulatory, governance and risk management requirements, whilst at the same time remaining customer focused. Altius helps with a value led/technology enabled approach to streamlining business decision making, data analysis and reporting processes. It also delivers advanced customer analytics and segmentation capabilities to deliver a sophisticated understanding of relationships and behaviour.

Benefits delivered include:

  • Regulatory compliance – Improved reporting and analysis of data to deliver a more structured approach to regulatory compliance.
  • Fraud detection – Using machine learning algorithms to mine data helps clients identify and prevent fraudulent claims by providing risk scorecards and alerts embedded into claims processes.
  • Customer segmentation – The ability to analyse customer data by blending large volumes of internal and external datasets to identify micro groups of customers with distinct behaviours drives targeted product and service capability.
  • Financial planning & consolidation – Helping understand and improve complex financial processes to advance and shorten financial modelling activities.
  • Investment management – Streamlined fund reporting and analysis, with increased flexibility to improve client on-boarding times and service levels.
  • Investment client reporting – Using modern cloud based platforms and building flexible client reporting with centralised data models and customised, visual reporting with text management, automated commentary, translation and streamlined workflow.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations are constantly under pressure to meet rapidly evolving project requirements, keep up with ever changing regulatory rules and find new ways to cut costs. The solutions to these challenges are held within the mountains of data that government organisations gather. Altius works with central government, charities, health and public sector organisations to help them gather, structure, analyse and report on data. This delivers meaningful and insightful information, complete transparency, and data that can be easily traced back to the source.

Benefits delivered include:
  • Freedom of information – Bringing together a wide range of diverse data sets allows government analysts to efficiently respond to freedom of information requests. Publishing data sets through statistical portals, interactive databases, and open data interfaces provides public self-service capability.
  • Reporting operational performance – Providing modern data platforms and advanced analytics allows government analysts to analyse data more efficiently and advise ministers to make better informed decisions.
  • Service optimisation – Improvement and optimisation of service response times and resource allocation through the consolidation of multiple data sources and the provision of dashboard and reporting capabilities.
  • Criminal analysis – Combining historical intelligence and applying advanced machine learning techniques to predict patterns of criminal behaviour and activities.
  • Marketing campaign efficiency – Utilising a central data warehouse to store and combine social demographic and marketing campaign data. This enables the correlation of donations and campaigns to improve the success, effectiveness and delivery of future targeted campaigns.

Leisure & Hospitality

Leisure and hospitality is a highly competitive market. Businesses operating in this fast moving, pressurised sector typically operate from multiple sites and geographic locations. Numerous factors can affect their profitability, so careful analysis and accurate interpretation of data is essential. Altius helps clients in this sector to understand their data and determine the many factors that drive day–to-day activity in order to optimise performance and profit.

Benefits delivered include:
  • Improved member retention – Providing detailed and comprehensive understanding of member categories, incorporating socio-economic and demographic factors to drive effective measureable marketing activities to reduce unnecessary churn.
  • Labour scheduling efficiency – Manage and align labour resources more effectively with customer/operational demand, ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time.
  • Pricing optimisation – Dynamic and responsive pricing through improved use of store and customer data.
  • Customer analytics – Advanced retention modelling allowing organisations to model customer behavior using socio-economic and demographic factors to segment customers and model customer loyalty and churn.
  • Revenue management & pricing optimisation solutions – Combining digital, social and sales data to determine the optimal pricing for a sales strategy.
  • Enterprise performance management – Providing flexible business planning, consolidation and reporting models for hospitality organisations.
  • HR analytics – Out of the box HR Analysis and reporting solution with integrated data science models provide an advanced analytics framework for understanding, modelling and predicting employee behaviour in larger organisations.

Travel & transport

Altius helps travel and transportation companies achieve greater operational efficiencies by using real-time actionable data to improve planning and forecasting, and to optimise physical and human resources. By applying labour scheduling, predictive analytics and machine learning techniques we help our clients to interact more effectively and efficiently with their data to drive competitive advantage.

Benefits delivered include:
  • Optimised operational efficiency – Combining the analysis of historical and real-time operational data enables companies to optimise their business operations, thereby improving service delivery, reducing overheads and increasing revenues.
  • Improved customer experience – Keeping customers better informed and connected through real time messaging and targeted sales and marketing significantly improves customer service and loyalty.
  • Efficient labour scheduling – Managing labour resources more effectively to align with customer/operational demand ensures the right people are always in the right place at the right time.
  • Predictive & proactive maintenance – Applying predictive analytics enables preventative maintenance scheduling, which significantly reduces service outages and unplanned downtime.
  • Fuel efficiency – Combining environmental and operational data sources helps companies to optimise their fleet running costs and predict operational overheads more effectively.


Mounting pressure from deregulation, privatisation, increased legislation and a need to focus on environmental standards and customer satisfaction, requires energy and utility firms to be more flexible and agile than ever before. Altius helps clients in the energy sector to gather, structure, analyse and report on data in order to adapt to evolving marketing conditions, predict retail demand and control supply and operational costs.

Benefits delivered include:
  • Smart metering – Applying modern, cloud based data technologies to support smart metering data, enables a significant reduction in settlement time and the ability to identify customer usage profiles and forecast energy consumption.
  • Customer retention & acquisition – Advanced retention modelling allows organisations to model customer usage patterns more effectively. Combining socio-economic and demographic factors to segment customers enables improved communications, new product/tariff offerings and increasing customer loyalty and acquisition.
  • Predictive & proactive maintenance – Applying predictive analytics and the use of “Internet of Things” devices, enables preventative maintenance scheduling, which significantly reduces service outages and unplanned downtime.
  • Operational efficiency – Applying data analytics to improve data quality enables companies to optimise their business operations. The ability to determine where a customer is in the lifecycle, determine product or tariff usage, improve online/offline experiences will contribute to driving increased customer satisfaction and advocacy.