Predicting a Bright Future for our Graduate Recruits

Predicting a Bright Future for our Graduate Recruits

Our company is growing at a phenomenal rate – an average 50-60% year-on-year since 2012, with an incredible 72% growth in 2018. Graduate recruits are an important part of our constant recruitment drive. We dedicate a lot of time and resource each year to recruiting some of the brightest, most talented, forward thinking graduates and post graduates into junior roles across our core practices.

Unlike a lot of graduate recruitment programmes, we carefully match skill sets, capabilities, personalities and interests with specific practices and roles. We prefer this approach to a traditional rotational scheme. It means our graduates dive in at the deep end, and are fully immersed, involved and contributing to the company and our clients, from day one.

We aim to recruit between 10-12 graduates each year and for those lucky enough to secure a position, the opportunities are unsurpassed. Our graduates get straight to work on projects for some seriously big named organisations and brands including Whitbread, Rolls Royce, AIG Life, Department for Transport and VolkerWessels. They quickly gain exposure to different projects and get to collaborate with some of our most senior people.

We spoke to two graduates who joined us in 2019 to discover their thoughts on their experience so far.

Introducing Josie Park

Josie joined Altius in November 2019 having completed an undergraduate maths degree and a PhD in ocean modeling in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London.

I came across Altius at a data and analytics careers fair where I was investigating potential data science roles. Data science appealed because it combines my two favourite things – using maths to obtain real world insights and problem solving.

Altius really stood out because data science and analytics is its specific focus and having talked to them I could see that they were working on several sustainable data science projects, which aligned with my interests and my PhD.

I was lucky enough to be offered a role as a Junior Data Scientist at Altius – at which point I scrapped the other interviews I’d been offered. I’d been really impressed with Altius when I came for the assessment day. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and supportive, and the projects and opportunities sounded fantastic.

When I first joined I worked on a natural language processing project, and I’m now working on a speech recognition project, interpreting speech to create commands.  

I’ve certainly been thrown in at the deep end, but I’ve been able to fall back on data science techniques that I used in my PhD, that I didn’t know would be relevant. I’ve also been provided with a lot of support from my colleagues who are very experienced. It’s fast paced, but incredibly satisfying because we have to come up with well-researched and tested solutions that make an impact on real world problems.

I find the work intellectually challenging and stimulating as I’m using interesting maths and tools and being encouraged to try out different methodologies. And I’m getting to collaborate with some exceptional people. The learning just doesn’t stop and I’d highly recommend Altius to anyone considering a career in data science.” 

Introducing Luke Vassor…

Luke is another graduate from Imperial College London. He joined us in October 2019 having completed an MSc in Computational and Mathematical Biology.

“When I met Altius at a careers fair I was torn between going on to complete a PhD or going into industry. I knew that if I chose industry it would have to be a role with plenty of exposure to technical work. A lot of the companies at the careers fair were start-ups and finance companies that talked about data science in buzzword terms.

Altius, on the other hand, could give succinct examples of data science projects they were working on and I was very impressed with their client portfolio. They were also very clear on what roles they were recruiting for, and what they would involve. I am now working as a Business Consultant on some really exciting projects.

The first project I worked on was actually more of a technical data role – analysing flight sensor data to help predict airplane maintenance schedules for a major airline. Since Christmas I’ve been working on a more business focused, strategy role, looking at an airport’s analytics operating model, what the future vision for the airport looks like, and the roadmap to achieve it.

Although business consulting wasn’t originally part of my career plan, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been involved in conducting assessment days with the client – interviewing a lot of people and then presenting our analytics vision and roadmap. It’s been incredibly educational and eye-opening to some of the challenges large organisations face when it comes to data.

Coming from a scientific background, I had no previous business experience. I’m learning a lot from the people I work with, who are some of the smartest and hardest working people I’ve met. That’s testament to the quality Altius looks for in its recruits.

It’s a job and environment that requires you to stay sharp and is a great alternative to academia. It’s also exciting to be part of a company at this point in its maturity. A few years ago Altius was less than 100 people and now it’s nearly 400 in size. You can genuinely feel the buzz and the momentum.

My advice to other graduates is to do some research into the different roles available across the spectrum of data science – from pure data science to strategy and visualisation. If you can get a clear idea of exactly what roles are out there (some of which you may not have heard of), then it’s easier to find a role that suits you. But keep an open mind – I came from a pure science background and hadn’t considered business consulting, but I really enjoy it, and I absolutely recommend looking at the opportunities available at Altius.”

If you’re interested in a graduate career with Altius, visit our careers page for open roles and apply!