Ten Reasons to Join the Altius Data Science Team

Ten Reasons to Join the Altius Data Science Team

The Altius data science team is growing at such a rate that we plan to double its size in 2019. We’re excited about our expansion plans and want to recruit top talent in the industry to help us develop projects with existing clients, and win new ones.

I keep saying that the sexy job in the next
10 years will be statisticians, and I’m not kidding.”
– Hal Varian, Google

Because of our growth plans, we asked our data scientists to tell us why they’d recommend joining the team. Here are the top ten reasons:

  1. At Altius, data science is a separate and specialist practice. It’s one of the four core elements of the business. That means you’ll spend 100% of your time working on data science solutions rather than being pulled into business intelligence, analytics or reporting. (We have separate resource pools for those activities).
  2. We work across multiple industry sectors including leisure and hospitality, travel and transport, manufacturing, aeronautical engineering, retail, finance and insurance. For a relatively young firm of our size, we work on some incredibly exciting projects for global and big name brands, with plenty more in the pipeline.
  3. The solution areas we work on are incredibly diverse and range from predictive maintenance, fraud detection, product recommendation, customer retention, customer & market segmentation, dynamic pricing, health and safety risk assessment – the list goes on!
  4. The team has the opportunity to apply all areas of data science. These include machine learning, reinforcement learning and deep learning, and incorporating the latest tools and techniques in natural language processing, image analysis and sensor data analysis. You name it, we’ll use it!
  5. We’re a friendly, fun and diverse team working across our UK and Netherlands offices. There are currently 16 data scientists who are supported by 30 engineers. That means you get to collaborate with and learn from people with various data science backgrounds including mathematics, particle physics, genetic research and other applied sciences (to name a few).
  6. You’re given loads of autonomy and the opportunity to work in areas that really interest you. You’re expected to innovate and challenge yourself and develop your skills with ongoing training.
  7. You’re encouraged to collaborate with the larger data science community. We love when our data scientists speak at conferences and meetups, and write blogs. These are fabulous opportunities to promote yourself and Altius, and to share the exciting work we’re doing.
  8. Our data science solutions are put into production quickly, so you’ll see the results of your work without waiting months or years. We’re involved in advising on Target Operating Models to ensure our solutions go live, are stable and deliver results.
  9. Our data scientists work collaboratively with our clients. Because we’re relatively small, we’re not a threat to internal teams like a big consultancy could be. We help internal teams learn, up-skill and cross-skill to ensure a successful implementation. In turn, we develop long lasting, trusted partnerships with our clients.
  10. We’ve built a fantastic reputation and have ambitious plans to make the data science practice at Altius one of the best to work for globally.

Perhaps that explains why we’ve got a record-breaking retention rate within the team. We’ve got loads of opportunities for talented data scientists at all levels, so if you’re interested in joining our expanding practice, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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