Meet Our Sister Company, DataSparQ

Meet Our Sister Company, DataSparQ

Did you know that Altius has a sister company? In 2017 we launched DataSparQ, a business focused solely on building intelligent products using the power of data science. These products use DataSparQ’s own IP, which is then adapted and customised to suit a particular client’s needs.

For example, DataSparQ’s Intelligent Retention product can use a company’s customer data to help it predict customers who are likely to leave, and provides the intelligence required to create successful retention campaigns. This product has already delivered over £2m in annual benefits for a leading European health club.

Another example is DataSparQ’s Intelligent Fraud Detection product. It uses machine learning to predict accurate fraud detection. It’s proven that it can save an insurance company £32 million on claims payouts per year.

But, unsurprisingly, DataSparQ’s biggest claim to fame to date, has been its AI Bar product. This is the world’s first artificial intelligence bar solution, using facial recognition technology (FRT) to place drinkers waiting to be served in a dynamically intelligent queue. This enables a barman to serve customers in the correct order. You can read more about the AI Bar and watch a video to see it in action here.

The AI Bar was trialed in a bar in London in the summer of 2019, and it really captured the attention of the press and the imagination of the public and the hospitality industry. Who wouldn’t love a solution to prevent queue jumping at the bar?

In July 2019 the Evening Standard picked up on the story about the trial and ran an article. The story was then covered up by the global media, featured in the The Times (front cover!), BBC, Telegraph, Fox Business, VICE, CNN, ITV, Mashable, Wired and RTL Netherlands – amongst others!

John Wyllie, DataSparQ’s Managing Director said: “Queuing is a part of British life that we all have to endure, but we wanted to do something to improve the experience. It’s the uncertainty of waiting times alongside queue jumpers that’s adversely affecting consumer behaviours in bars and pubs. The AI Bar ensures it’s a hassle free, first come, first served system that makes ordering drinks more convenient for both drinkers and bar staff alike.”

DataSparQ is already in talks with various companies keen on taking advantage of facial recognition technology. Of course, the system can be installed anywhere, such as music festivals and other crowded events, and there are plenty of other applications where facial recognition technology would be useful.

DataSparQ may only be two years old, but its growing team is already working across multiple industries including insurance and finance, retail, the public sector, gaming, logistics, engineering, hospitality and health.

John Wyllie concludes, “DataSparQ was naturally born from Altius – building on its data science and AI capabilities. Branching out with our own brand was a big decision and a big step, but made sense. We build products and have a very different direction to Altius – one that certainly seems to be capturing the attention and imagination of the press and the public. We’re predicting very exciting times ahead!”

To learn more about DataSparQ, their approach and products, head over to the DataSparQ website.