Meet Melle Lelieveld, Altius Europe’s new Business Development Manager

Meet Melle Lelieveld, Altius Europe’s new Business Development Manager

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In the end of 2019, Altius Europe welcomed Melle Lelieveld as Business Development Manager. With lots of new clients coming on board in the Netherlands and Europe, Altius’s European operation – with its headquarters in Amsterdam – has big plans for expansion. Our Dutch team has grown tenfold in the last year alone, and Melle’s appointment is one of a number of senior roles being recruited.

We caught up with Melle and spoke about his plans for Altius Europe and his first impressions of Altius.

What attracted you to the role of Business Development Manager for Altius Europe?

I spent the last 13 years working for a Dutch based Microsoft partner. When I joined the company in 2008 it employed 30 people. 13 years later we’d grown to a team of 160. I loved working for a start-up and putting the projects, processes and people in place to enable it to grow. Whilst Altius’s UK operation has enjoyed incredible success, its European team and presence is still young. I see this as a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on the reputation, successes and support of Altius’s UK team, and replicate its success in Europe.

I believe your background is multidisciplinary, are you happy with a data specialism?

Absolutely. I have a technical background. I started my career as a developer, but my interest quickly turned to the how technology can be applied to help businesses. The most important question for me is always: what are the advantages and possibilities that technology can deliver to a customer?

In my previous role I was part of the sales team and responsible for a couple of vertical sectors, but the breadth of technology and services we offered was extremely wide. Having one focus, and that focus being data, really appeals. There are very few organisations that are dedicated data and AI specialists, so I see a lot of opportunities for us.

What are your plans for Altius Europe in 2020?

We have big plans for growth in 2020. We’re already working with the Microsoft Netherlands team and will initially build on existing strengths and experience within the transport and logistics, retail and construction industries.

It’s our intention to double our turnover and team by the end of the year. I’d hope that in four years Altius Europe will have equal head count to our UK team. We’re also opening a second office in Amersfoort in the East of the Netherlands, to try and recruit some of the untapped potential there.

Where do you think Altius can make a difference to its customers?

The maturity level of many organisations around the use of data is quite low. Altius has the experience to help them take the right steps at the right time, in order to achieve a scalable, secure and future-proof data platform. And with Altius’s reference architecture, the first steps can be reached within a few days.

You’ve been on board for a month now, what are your first impressions of Altius?

I think Altius’s main strength is its people. What’s impressed me the most is everyone’s willingness to go out of their way to help. Nothing is too much trouble and there is a real commitment towards building the business. And to that end, I’m very much looking forward to building on existing strengths and successes and growing the Altius Europe business.